Make it pink and pack it up.

This week, I was asked to make a dozen cupcakes for a bachelorette party. Jennifer, a friend from work, wanted something girly and pink to take to the party. So, I found a few ideas online for her and decided on hot pink icing, chocolate-hazelnut filling, and jumbo size with engagement ring toppers. All I needed to do was bake the cupcakes, fill them, pipe swirls on top, then add the ring topper, so I figured this would be a piece of cake (pun intended). However, the adventure began when I realized that I needed a way to move the cupcakes and hot pink was a deep color.

Here’s the bachelorette enjoying a cupcake:


Make it hot.

I know that deep colors are hard to mix without getting bitter icing, but I really didn’t think about hot pink being a deep color before this. I started by adding a little pink, but the color was still too light. Next, I added just a shade or red and then a little more pink before I was finally satisfied with the color. After sitting overnight, the color achieved the pretty shade you see on the cupcakes. I attribute the nice shade of pink, at least in part, to asking my husband to pray an official clergy blessing over my icing and gel colors before I started mixing! I may try a different gel color next time, but these cupcakes came out beautiful with no hint of bitterness!

photo 1-2  photo 4

Pack it up.

The cupcakes were done, but I still had to figure out how to move them. As you’ve read before, I’m much too cheap to pay for the cardboard insert that holds cupcakes. Plus, I had jumbo size cupcakes, so I wasn’t sure they’d fit anyway. I have a stockpile of large gift boxes from our wedding last year, so I decided to try packing in one. I rolled up some tissue paper so that it wouldn’t touch the top of the cupcake, but would keep the bottom secure. This turned out to be great idea. The cupcakes didn’t move, but it looked pretty too. I’ll do this again in the future!photo 5

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