Go Big or Go Home.

This is by far the biggest and most complex cake project I have taken on since I started decorating. The best mother-in-law in the entire world, Sherry, asked if I wanted to do a cake and/or cupcakes for a bridal shower she was hosting for a fellow staff member at her church. Of course I said yes! She told me the bride liked bright colors and was using cobalt blue for her bridesmaid dresses so I ran with it from there. I found this cute monogrammed caked and matching cupcakes on Pinterest and decided to do my best to replicate the design. I ended up delivering 6 dozen vanilla greek yogurt cupcakes with a 10 inch strawberry filled, vanilla greek yogurt cake.

photo 2-3 photo 3-3 photo 4-1

IMG_1240.JPGSherry and my sister-in-law, Emily enjoying some cake

Round in the middle isn’t always a bad thing.

The biggest challenge on this cake looked like the middle. It’s perfectly round, but it’s icing, not fondant. I had the idea to push a plastic cup into the center of the cake to give a perfect circle. Then I took the biggest round tip I had (well, actually borrowed indefinitely from my sister) to fill it so it would have a smooth edge then blend/smooth it with the spatula. After smoothing with the spatula, I would go back with a Viva paper towel and smooth it again. This was all good in theory, but I didn’t want to chance it, so I made a practice cake. It all worked perfectly, so that’s how I got a great looking circle in the middle! The border didn’t look so hot on the practice cake, so I just left it off the real one.

photo 1-3

 Darn those deep colors.

The second biggest reason for the practice cake was the deep color blue. If you have mixed colors before, or maybe even just read last week’s post, you’ll know this was a bit dicey. I was incredibly nervous about attempting a deep blue color. I made the blue with a TON of Wilton gel for the practice cake, but went with Americolor’s Royal Blue with a tiny bit of Violet for the real one. It didn’t need much gel and didn’t ever give the icing a bitter taste, so I was pretty pleased.

Scoop away.

What did I learn from this project? Use an ice cream scoop. I have always known plenty of people use small ice cream scoops to get batter in the cupcake pan, but I’ve never done it. Typically, I can eyeball it and get my cupcakes fairly consistent, but this recipe makes that nearly impossible. It has a more dough-ey consistency, so a scoop would have prevented the occasional midget cupcake.

Overall, I loved how this cake and cupcakes turned out. They were fun, yet classically elegant. Thank you again to Sherry for allowing me to make them for her!

photo 5-1

One Comment Add yours

  1. Sherry says:

    Alex, thanks for taking on this project. The cake was a hit at the shower, but the best part was spending the day with my sweet daughter-in-law.


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