Evolution of the Daisy

This week, a sweet, sweet friend from church, Nancy, called and asked if I would make some cupcakes for a meeting coming up. She didn’t want just a standard cupcake, so I made a chocolate cake and filled them with the chocolate-hazelnut spread mixed with some Hershey’s chocolate filling. She also requested they be decorated with white and yellow daisies. I think I grimaced on the phone, but I took the challenge.

The ugly daisy.

Ironically, daisies aren’t the easiest flowers to make with buttercream. While I know how to do it, I don’t actually like the technique Wilton teaches. I knew it wouldn’t be the quality I wanted to present. Still, I pulled out some extra icing and made one just to give it another shot. Yep, still hate it.photo 1

Back to square one.

Fondant daisies are so much prettier than icing. I haven’t worked with fondant yet, so I called my sister for help. I studied the Wilton page that explains how to make a fondant daisy and it didn’t look too hard. Morgan agreed, but couldn’t find her tools for me to borrow, so it was back to square one.

I began studying the daisies in the bouquet my husband had bought me earlier in the week (I’m lucky, I know!) and noticed that some flowers had layers, so I thought I’d experiment with layering the icing petals. I also played with the shape of the petals to make them more round rather than slanted. It worked like a charm. Here’s a picture of my first try. photo 2 photo 3

Armed with a new technique, I was thrilled to deliver these yellow and white daisies to Nancy!photo 1-4photo 3-4photo 4-2

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