Blue Moon, Sugar and Oranges.

If you read my post on cupcake hypocrisy, you know I’ve been wanting to try some new flavors. Browsing on Pinterest, I found a recipe for Blue Moon cupcakes with cream cheese orange frosting that looked delicious. I’ve had beer bread and beer battered foods before and love them, so a beer based cupcake sounded pretty good. What’s the perfect occasion to bake cupcakes? A friend’s birthday, of course!
imageFancy does it.
I knew I wasn’t going to do any real decorating with the icing, so I had to think of other ways to class up these cupcakes. I really like the look of parchment paper as liners for jumbo cupcakes, but I had trouble folding the paper the last time I tried. It was nothing Google couldn’t fix. I found a really handy trick using a cup as a mold. As a garnish, I quartered fresh orange slices. (Half slices looked a little too big.) Between the parchment paper and a fresh garnish, my cupcakes were set.
Delicious with room to grow.
These turned out fantastic! You can taste the spice the Blue Moon added to the batter and the orange zest too. This would be a good cake to have in the Fall. And the icing…. oh the icing. I may use this icing recipe on other cakes. The orange with the cream cheese is incredible. I would have never thought about combining those two flavors, but it works. If I make this recipe again, I might use a little more beer to increase the spice flavor it gave the cake, but adding more liquid would be tricky. Also, the icing, while delicious, it didn’t set up very well. I have a feeling a little more powdered sugar and trading some of the orange juice for more zest would do the trick. Otherwise, it would still be perfect for a filling or a thin bottom layer.imageimage

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