The Smell of Pies in the Air

This weekend, I wanted to try out a new Fall flavor and cookout attendees were the perfect testers! I’ll be selling cupcakes next month at Pumpkintown, the Fall festival in Athens, so I wanted to try a flavor that was Fall-ish, but would also stand out. Through a combination of ideas from friends and family, I came up with the apple pie cupcake.


The cake is a simple yellow cake mix. Inside, I tried canned apple pie filling versus canned spiced apples. Then I topped it with an amazing brown sugar and cinnamon buttercream icing I found here. To differentiate the fillings, I made a crude latticework design on the spiced apple. If I figure out how to do basket weave… or even just get a better tip, I think it will look cute. Then, as garnish and extra cuteness, I topped the cupcakes with pie crumbles.

Overall, these turned out amazing, even better than I thought they would! Come taste them yourself October 11 at Pumpkintown!

A willing taste-tester with the cupcakes:photo-5

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