The Larry Bird Birthday

One of my favorite things about decorating cakes is using my newly discovered skills to make the people I love happy. This has never been truer till now. I have been brainstorming what sort of awesome cake I could make for my husband’s birthday for months. I looked at Mario cakes, UT cakes, Zelda cakes, and about a thousand other ideas. We finally landed on an idea he liked and I thought I could tackle: a Larry Bird cake. Will turned 33 this year, so he’s been calling it his Larry Bird birthday (#33), so it was only fitting.


Wanted to make a jersey with a clean, simple look. I downloaded a picture of Larry’s jersey, sized it to my small pan (6”) and used it as a guide to shape the cake. I traced the lettering with piping gel and transferred it to the cake to make sure it looked accurate. I really needed a slightly smaller tip to make the “33,” but it turned out ok anyway.

Overall, I was pretty happy with my petite cake. More, importantly, I was thrilled to make my husband a special cake just for him!


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