What do John Cena and babies have in common?

What do John Cena and babies have in common? I make cakes of them! This past week, I built by first 3D cake and I got to make some baby cupcakes.

A friend at work sent me this picture and asked if I could make something like that for her son’s 4th birthday. It needed to feed 30+ people, so this was a huge cake: 12×12. When it came time to flip it to cool, I had to get my husband to help me! I had such a good time day dreaming and brainstorming about how to build this cake.


For the sides, I decided to try Wilton’s spray color since no one wants to eat black icing or fondant and it needed a clean edge. I was really impressed with the spray! Then, for the ring posts, I covered pretzel rods with black fondant. This was my first experience with fondant, but it wasn’t as difficult to work with as I though it would be. Granted, I just rolled it out and covered pretzels…. Anyway, I couldn’t think of anything edible for the ropes, so I used plastic craft string. When I delivered the cake, I added the wrestler figurines.


This was a beast of a cake, but I had so much fun making it! I like getting to be creative. Plus my husband really enjoyed having WWE stuff in our house, even if only for a week or two!

After the wrestling ring was delivered, I got to work on some cupcakes for a baby shower. I have made these before based on an idea I found, but didn’t really know much about how to decorate cakes, so it was much easier this time! For the babies’ hair and smiles, I piped chocolate onto wax paper, let it cool, then added it to the cupcakes. The eyes were chocolate piped straight onto the cupcake—probably wouldn’t do that again though. Finally, I added the little rosy cheeks with colored icing. These are relatively simple, but they are so cute!IMG_1837IMG_1832IMG_1835

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