Order Up!

I was honored to be offered a position as The Bakery’s cake decorator a few weeks before Christmas. I had no idea that they’d be closing a month later, but it was fun while it lasted. As promised, I wanted to share my work. At The Bakery, I typically got a picture with an idea and any changes the customer wanted. Some allowed me to have a little more creativity than others, but all have been fun… and a learning experience!

This cake was based on a 2-tiered fondant cake. The customer liked the ornaments, but wanted them in buttercream. Let me tell you, making a bow in buttercream was risky! I was happy with how they turned out though.IMG_1915 IMG_1918

For this cake, I didn’t have a photo, but the customer wanted holly and ivy the in corners and the cake to say “Merry Christmas” with “Christ” in all caps and the “T” to look like a cross. I wasn’t too sure about this design when I sketched it. The writing came out better than I expected! For the holly and ivy, I searched and searched for techniques until I found someone who used a large leaf tip, going under the last leaf while still lightly squeezing. Those leaves are gorgeous and they were so easy! I’m definitely going to use that technique again!IMG_1910IMG_1911

This customer wanted Santa and his reindeer on the cake. That request had the potential to be difficult, but I decided to keep it clean and simple. The reindeer were based on a cookie decorating idea I found and I combined a few Santa designs to come up with this one. In retrospect, I should have made them a little bigger to fill up the cake, but overall, I really like this one.IMG_1908
IMG_1907You may have seen this one on Facebook already, but this was a fun cake. It was for a baby shower and the customer brought us a picture of the baby’s blanket to base the cake on. The color isn’t accurately displayed in the picture, but it’s navy, grey and lime green. The order said to leave a square to write “Welcome Micah Joel,” but I did the banner to help it stand out and not be as busy. Also, on a side note, polka dots require lots of patience.

This is one of my favorite cakes I’ve done…. ever. I’m basically a novice with fondant, but I’m learning. This was pretty much basic shapes, so I decided to go for it. The “1” was honestly the most difficult part since there wasn’t a cookie cutter for it. Thank goodness the customer didn’t want any of the animals! Doing this cake makes me want to learn more about fondant asap!



wpid-20150105_171519.jpgAnd this brings us to the comedy portion of the blog. This one was terrible. At least according to my standard. I got this cake at the last minute and didn’t really think it through. What I SHOULD have done was transfer the image with piping gel and just fill it in. What I ACTUALLY did was try it free hand. I am a terrible artist, so I’m not sure what made me think I could do that. I suppose it’s OK, but it could have been better. Oh well, lesson learned. Don’t be cocky.imageSo close…5n47gkejjghki1bwg4it08j1c

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