A new 50 year old cake.

Several months ago, a dear friend, Karen told me that she was planning a 50th wedding anniversary celebration for her parents and asked if I could re-create their wedding cake. Karen and her husband have made more birthday cakes for me growing up than I can even count so I was honored to return the favor.

She brought me a picture from their reception to use for reference. To be honest, just trying to see the cake’s details was the most difficult part of the whole project. The design looked pretty simple: ribbon swags, roses and some tear drops. The picture was in black and white, so Karen and her daughter Sarah had to be a little bit sneaky to figure out that some of the roses were pink.

I started on the cake a few days before hand making some light pink and white roses with royal icing. When it came time to decorate, I used a toothpick to draw myself a guide for the swags and teardrops, then piped them on with a petal tip and star tip. After I delivered the cake, I added the bottom border and flowers. They only wanted one tier replicated so the placement of flowers was altered slightly, but not much.wpid-20150308_125659.jpgwpid-20150308_125636.jpg

The cake looked beautiful with decoration by ShinDigs Event Decorating! I was excited to be there when the bride realized that the cake was actually a replica of the one she picked 50 years ago! Thanks Karen for letting me have so much fun re-making this cake for you!

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