I hate the Braves.

On my wedding day, my dad told me I could marry a Braves fan, but I couldn’t be one. Well, after this cake, there’s no risk of that happening. I hate the Braves. Specifically, I really hate their tiny, intricate logos.

When Allyson sent me this picture, I thought we’d be using buttercream, so it didn’t look like such a big deal. It wasn’t till the week of when I realized it would be fondant. If you’ve read all of the blog, you know I took the Wilton decorating class and things pretty much took off from there. My only fondant knowledge comes from calls to my sister, Morgan, and a 2 hour online tutorial. So, I took a deep breath, watched a few more YouTube videos and thought, “Ok, here we go.”

I don’t think I can tell you how happy I was when I covered that first layer. I had only ever done it once before and ripped a huge hole in it (I didn’t have enough). I was working purely from “in theory” knowledge, but it worked!

Since I had done accent work with fondant before, I really thought that covering the cakes would be the most difficult part. Boy, was I wrong! I cut the “Braves,” “HAMMOND” and tomahawk the day before to let it dry. Everything ended up breaking.  I’m not entirely sure letting it dry was the wrong choice. It needed to be firm to outline, but drying it flat was bad. I didn’t have time to start over, so I mended it best I could, hiding my breaks with the outline. wpid-20150604_164612.jpg

There did end up being an awesome part of this cake: the hat! I LOVED it. It was so simple, but almost looked real.


Overall, I’d say this cake wasn’t bad for my first real fondant work. I definitely learned a lot from it! I’ll never look at the Braves’ logo the same again, though.


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