One sweet camping trip.

When my friend Tiffany asked me to make a smash cake for her son’s first birthday, I was so excited! I love this little boy and wanted to make him an awesome cake! She said they were having a camping themed party, but left the design up to me. I find that working from a general theme/ idea is generally much easier than copying a specific cake.

After looking around the web, I found a tent idea on some cupcakes and a fire on some others that I really liked. For the tent, I just covered two halves of a graham cracker with buttercream, topped with fondant. Good thing no one was sleeping in that tent, because it wasn’t very stable! I was able to wrangle it with a pile of buttercream as a base, but next time I’ll use some royal icing to build it first.wpid-20150619_105322.jpg

I love the way the chocolate shavings in the original picture are round like logs, but apparently they melt too. I ended up just cutting small pieces of a Hershey’s bar and that worked perfectly.


This turned out to be one of my favorite cakes. It’s got a clean and simple design, but just enough details to really stand out. Not to mention, you get super cute pictures of the birthday boy enjoying it!

wpid-20150619_105336.jpg wpid-20150619_105322.jpg1960956_10205746727125499_8845639667426438907_o


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