Turtles to toilet paper and everything in between.

As I’ve been doing more and more cakes, I’ve had less time to write about them, so I hope you’ll forgive me for being slow to post. I’ve had several blog worthy cakes in the past month or so that I am excited to share with you!

I LOVED Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles when I was a kid, so I was happy to get to make Raphael! I like these type of designs. It’s clean and simple, but looks great. For the cake, I just added a parts of a 6in round to an oval for his forehead and chin. His bandana was fondant so that it could come off the board.wpid-20150703_101542.jpg

I made this cake for, my sister, Jen’s birthday. When I asked what kind of decorations she wanted for her cake, she said elephant, so I decided to try a little sculpting. The stability was the tricky part to this one. I added toothpicks and small dowels just about everywhere that I could, then left the head off till we were ready to serve the cake. I was happy to deliver a cake Jen loved!wpid-20150708_194933.jpgwpid-20150711_202400.jpg

This Ford cake was fairly straight forward. Getting royal blue is tricky, but I like how it turned out.


I was really proud of how this Vineyard Vine cake turned out…. then I found out I got the saying wrong. Luckily, Allyson was there to save the day and change it to “Every birthday should feel this good.” Making a cake for your sister who also decorates cakes is a high pressure job.


The order for this cake was “denim color blue and piano.” I really like the color combo! For the black keys, I actually cut strips of fondant. I have to admit though, as a music person, I’m disappointed that I somehow made the piano upside-down and only included eighth notes. Oh well, looks pretty anyway!



I was happy to try some lingerie decorated sugar cookies for my friend Sydney, who wanted them for a lingerie shower! Decorating cookies is a whole other ball game and I’m still working on my skills. (Royal icing is a b*$!#.)  This might be the first time I’ve really tried to flood cookies, but it’t not too shabby. I also somehow managed to cut these ladies’ legs off by not paying attention to the reference photo. Despite my mediocre flooding ability and lack of attention to detail, I think these cookies turned out so cute!


This was just a simple sheet cake, but I wanted to try out a new border. I was thinking back to my scrapbooking days when I would draw the lines and dots border and loved it, so why not use it on a cake? I really like the clean look it gave. I used the leftover royal icing from the cookies to make some roses to finish the look.wpid-20150730_155936.jpg

I did this cake for my friend, Indhira. Her boys were having a pirate themed birthday, so she decided on a sheet cake with a skull and crossbones. The design wasn’t as difficult as I thought it would be and turned out looking so tough! I think this could easily have been an adult’s birthday cake!

wpid-20150731_121919.jpg wpid-20150731_122002.jpg

I kind of made these cupcakes for fun. I volunteered to do cupcakes on behalf of our United Methodist Women’s circle for a pastor’s meeting held at out church. They didn’t have any decoration requirements, so I played around and made the cross and flame, using a leaf tip for the flame. I was worried they might be a bit cheesy, but they were a hit!


I’m always excited when my friend, Tiffany, orders a cake because I am probably going  to get to try something new. She wanted a farming themed cake and I found this picture with what looks like a painted landscape. I used the color plus a dab of vodka technique. Cake painting is fun!

wpid-20150814_155932.jpg wpid-20150814_160029.jpg

This was an order for an orange smash cake with the Browning logo. I assumed the orange was for hunting gear and not UT, so I decided to make the border and logo camouflage by bag striping.


CAKE CARVING!!!! I always see TV shows where they get to carve cakes to make them into fun shapes and I needed a reason to try. My Aunt Martha agreed to buy this one so I could play. This was a huge cake, but so much fun to make!wpid-20150827_181330.jpg wpid-20150827_202119.jpg

I did this 2 part order for my step cousin, Jessica and her little boy’s 6th birthday. She needed cupcakes to take to school then wanted this cake for the party. I found a grid map for a pull apart cake on Pinterest for the cupcakes. I hadn’t make a pull apart cake before, but it was pretty simple and looked great. For the cake, I wasn’t sure what the best way to do it was. I figured I could cover it in white, score it, then paint the squares, or just cut squares and stick them on. I chose individual squares, but I’m still not sure if I chose correctly. By the end of the day, I tapped out on this one and let Allyson add the writing and logo. Apparently making a mosaic out of fondant is tedious work! Overall, I think this may be one of the cakes I’m most proud of!wpid-20150902_135550.jpg wpid-20150902_152045.jpg wpid-20150902_152056.jpg  wpid-20150904_140108.jpg wpid-20150904_140117.jpgwpid-20150904_170449.jpgwpid-20150904_170644.jpg

This order was for a simple cake with a yellow converse shoe.wpid-20150904_173255.jpg

Remember accidental ombre? It came in handy when making this sunset.wpid-20150907_140135.jpg wpid-20150907_140217.jpg


This hula girl cake was a design Allyson had done before, so I got the inside scoop on the how to’s. Figuring out where to write “Happy Birthday” was a tough decision though!wpid-20150911_153855.jpg

I really feel honored when I get to make graduation cakes for Miracle Lake. I also really like getting to pray for those men while I make it too. Allyson told me she typically did scroll work and leaves, but my scroll work just isn’t my strong point. I looked up vine/leaf patterns on a Google image search and decided to try this style. I LOVE it. You can bet you’ll see it again.


Here’s a birthday cake for my friend, Allyson’s son. She wanted a small cake with basketballs and tennis balls. It didn’t photograph well, but I swear it was cute.wpid-20150917_181828.jpg

Despite my hate post of the Braves cake, the Holden’s ordered another big fondant cake. Truthfully, I like difficult cakes because that how I get better. This one was actually much easier than it looked. Especially after I found the tutorial for the picture they sent! If I could do it again, I would make my glaze a little thicker and water a litter color, but I really liked how this cake turned out!


Who doesn’t want a toilet paper cake? My friend Karen wanted a mean cake for her husband’s 50th birthday so we decided on a roll of toilet paper. It was fun having an order posted that simply ready “chocolate toilet paper” and asking questions like, “Do you think this looks more like a commercial roll or a regular one?”wpid-20150925_135518.jpg

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  1. marthagiffen says:

    beautiful! These cakes are outta this WORLD! Your talent is amazing!


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