Wilhoit Wedding

Long before I was a full time decorator, which hasn’t been that long really, my dear friend Emily asked if I would make her wedding cake. What an honor! Getting to make the cake for such a big day in a couple’s life is a huge deal! I don’t know if this ever becomes old hat for decorators, but for now, it’s a huge privilege and honor.  Many many thanks to Emily and Wes for trusting me with your cake!

Their cutting cake was a very simple and elegant design. Once I ordered a decorating triangle it was fairly straightforward. I did spend much more time an attention than usual to smoothness and covering my seams as best I could. Once I delivered it, fresh flowers and a topper were added to complete the cake.20151024_153634.jpeg

Her colors were navy and burlap, so I made a navy icing for the white wedding cake cupcakes and a light chocolate for the chocolate and red velvet. Red velvet is traditionally topped with cream cheese, but I wanted to avoid a patriotic look.12185268_1620740568175015_6510714704547904785_o

I must have talked about and planned for this cake for months, really. Wes really likes cheesecake and Oreo cookies, so Emily asked if I could do a cheesecake decorated like an Oreo. I’d eaten many, but never made a cheesecake before. Luckily, I found some willing taste testers/financiers of my trial run.20151024_153527.jpeg

Figuring out the logistics of this cake was just as difficult as decorating it. Cheesecake needs to be refrigerated for food safety reasons. Fondant runs the risk of sweating and thus ruining itself if refrigerated. Decorating details can take a while. See the dilemma? After researching online and consulting my friend and instructor, Wendy, who taught me to decorate, I decided to build this cake in 3 parts. The bottom “cookie” was chocolate cake covered in dark chocolate fondant with just the ridges on the side. The top “cookie” was also chocolate cake, but on a separate cake board. That way, I could take as long as I needed to decorate it without worrying about refrigeration. I baked the cheesecake to put in the middle, but didn’t assemble the whole cake until right before I left to deliver it and instructed them to keep it refrigerated as long as possible. The “creme filling” is actually buttercream piped on with a 789 tip. I chose that so it would look more like an actual creme filling and for time purposes. It ended up being taller than I expected, so it became a Double Stuff Oreo, but as my husband said, everyone knows those are better anyway. Next time I’ll remember what my dad always taught me: Measure twice, cut once. The details on the Oreo were all basic shapes, so it wasn’t difficult, but it was tedious work. All the planning and work paid off when I saw Emily’s face when I delivered the cake. Wes, I hope you liked it too!



** The amazing wedding decor and photos are from ShinDigs Event Decorating**

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