Gum paste is the coolest thing ever.

Seriously, gum paste is amazing. I never actually took a class on gum paste and fondant, so I didn’t know the awesomeness until I used it last week. Extra stretchy, yet extra hard and can be super thin? Now I’m in love. Just wait for a title change to “Gum Paste Tales.”

There are lots of times when “in theory” knowledge just doesn’t work, but this time it did! I knew how to make the flowers I wanted to do, but this was my first actual try. Fondant and gum paste are expensive, so I don’t usually just make things for fun. I think the daises look great as is, but I’d really like to work on getting more realistic colors next time I make them.20160212_154326.jpg

The original photo my friend Annette sent me to reference looked like the whole cake may have been draped fondant. When I first started covering cakes with fondant, I had a difficult time getting wrinkles out, so I thought maybe I could do that on purpose. I’m a fan of on purpose mistakes, remember the TMNT scoring or accidental ombre? Sadly, that didn’t work. So, plan B was to Google “draped fondant.” After watching a few tutorials, I was able to drape three thin pieces of 50/50 fondant and gum paste.20160212_154314-1.jpg

Annette’s daughter asked for a silver band with a bow around the middle and some flowers to top things off. The band was 50/50 painted with silver, edible spray paint. The daisies were a perfect cover for the seams and created an elegant feminine look.20160212_154346.jpg20160212_154429.jpg

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