Monkey, Minnie, Snuff, and EASTER!!!

I’ve been making cakes faster than I can write about them, so here are a few I’ve made recently.

It’s illegal for for 16 year olds to chew Copenhagen, but it’s perfectly legal to chew Copenhagen cake! The client sent me this picture to copy. It was tough to get clean looking lines using only buttercream, but I think I got pretty close to the photo.20160311_130541-1.jpg

I just think this cake is adorable. The client asked for a small Minnie Bowtique themed birthday cake. Minnie Mouse is always girly and wears a big pink bow, so I think I captured her style in this one. I did almost break my bow. Lesson learned. Dowel it before it dries.20160311_101506-1.jpg

I wasn’t too sure about this one before I started, but it turned out to be a cute cake. The client requested a sock monkey for their going away cake.20160303_151423-1.jpg

Here’s a camouflage birthday cake with the Browning logo.20160226_140829-1.jpg

For this cake, the client asked for a cowboy boot and a rope border, but wanted it to be girly too. The pink and brown colors were a nice complement. I tried to make semi-realistic filigree on the boot for this cowgirl’s birthday.20160226_111533-1.jpg

These are some cookies I did for Greeks Bearing Gifts here in Athens, TN. What’s the best thing about these cookies? You can have your very own! You can order your personalized cookies from Greek’s in time for Easter. They are pretty yummy too. I may have sampled some practice cookies….




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