Feet (and hands) don’t fail me now.

Well, since the very gracious article the Daily Post Athenian ran about me, I have been one busy cake decorator! If you missed it, you can see it here. It was fun to be interviewed about how I got started, how much I love doing this and some tips and tricks I use. I didn’t give up many tips since the point of the article was to promote my Wilton Method classes at the Arts Center this Summer! So, If you’re in the Athens area and interested in cake and/or cookie decorating, sign up for a class here!

So here we go…

This cake was inspired by a tumbler the client liked. Her daughter was graduating as a radiology tech, hence the chest x-ray. I’m sure it was yummy too since the black icing was chocolate on top of strawberry cake!img_20160522_171318.jpg

My friends, the Clarks, needed two cakes to celebrate a University of Tennessee graduation. The first was for a brunch, so we kept it simple with a Power T with a fondant/gumpaste hat and diploma. For the party later in the day, we went all out. The university logo on the top tier with the Pepsi logo on the bottom since that’s where Alex, the graduate, will be headed to work. Congrats Alex!


This may be the heaviest cake I have ever made! I’m so mad at myself for not weighing it! Charlotte, A friend from the Emmaus community called and needed a cake for a baseball themed wedding shower. She was expecting around 75 people and wanted plenty of cake, so we knew it was going to be big. This was such a simple design, but so very cute!20160519_122132-1.jpg

This was a fun, girly sheet cake for my friend Alicia’s daughter’s birthday based on this design. Yummy-ness was chief on this one, so we used all buttercream and left off the fondant elements.


I love the polka dots on this cake! The client asked me to turn this two-tier cake into one tier to accommodate fewer servings. I took the sides from the bottom tier and then filled in the top with polka dots. I learned last week from the UT cake, the wires for the 3d stars will rip into the cake if they move at all (you know like ridding home in the car), so I figured no stars were better than holes with stars.20160520_100705-1.jpg

I was honored to make this cake for my good friends Tracey and Lea Ann. The design was almost and exact copy of this cake. It was actually big enough that I needed to alter our normal white wedding cake recipe a little for stacking purposes. Fourteen inches and two layers is bigger than you think! I used fondant and gumpaste to make the hat and diploma and also used fondant for the stripes on the sides for the sake of clean lines. The rest was buttercream! P.S. I found out after that fact that Sadie was one of the Valedictorians, so congrats Sadie and Heath!


I always feel like my family should get my best work. That doesn’t always happen, but I always make something I feel is reflective of the person the cake is celebrating. My brother, Hayden has loved all four years on the varsity baseball team at McMinn County High School. For his graduation, I wanted to do something similar to the Braves cake I made a while back, but top his jersey with a graduation hat. He sent me this picture of one of his jerseys, so I used food color markers to draw some of it on and painted the rest. I am super proud of him and hope I added to his day with this one!20160521_123654.jpg20160521_123714.jpgimg_1508-1.jpg

When you work till 1am on cakes, you just hope for the best. Paying customers sometimes get in the way of my lofty dreams/designs for family, but I feel like my plan B’s still make the cake honoree happy. I went for taste and class on this cake I made for my sister, Morgan. She asked for a strawberry, chocolate or red velvet, so I couldn’t pass up making my mother-in-law’s killer strawberry cake. It tastes amazing, but something about the consistency makes it difficult to use for bigger cakes. So, I crossed my fingers and made a 12in single (yet fat) layer topped with the college seal. Morgan is part of the last graduating class of Tennessee Wesleyan College before their change to University, so I thought using the seal was appropriate. I am a proud sister who’s already looking at cakes for her pharmacy school graduation!13178919_1070009933071754_4386953680581003596_n



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