Vroom Vroom.

A few weeks ago, someone called to see if I could make a baby shower cake in blue and red fondant topped with a antique style convertible. In the original photo, I think it was actually a spray painted plastic toy, but the client decided to go with an edible car. I had never made or used modeling chocolate before, but I found out just how cool of a medium it is!wp-1466380979759.jpg

I can’t take all the credit for this cake. I may have covered it and added chevrons alone, but I struggle with visual art, so I called in reinforcement! My step-mom Kathy, who is a former art teacher and a super talented artist, graciously helped me sculpt this car. Best quote from the evening: “Are you going to add those headrests?” “I thought I did…”20160619_195522.jpg

I hope I have continued reasons to work with modeling chocolate and improve my sculpting skills! Modeling 101 is a new Wilton class I am certified to teach, so who knows, maybe you’ll see a class pop up soon!

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