Braves, Shopkins, pinecones, planes and more

Once again, I am making cakes faster that I can tell you about them, so here are a few of my recent cakes!

I may not love the Braves, but I love this design. So clean and simple, but very fun! This was a groom’s cake for an Emmaus community friend, Charlotte. Also, isn’t that a great hashtag?20160619_203841.jpg

Our flag lends itself well to cake design! My friend Tiffany wanted a birthday cake for her husband with the Tennessee tri star. I cut the stars from fondant for the sake of sharp edges, but used buttercream on the rest. To reflect the flag’s design, I tried a double border on the bottom. I really like the double border look!20160604_114919.jpg

So… I still don’t quite know what Shopkins are, but I know this little thing on top is cute. Please leave me a comment if you can explain what she is! I actually formed her from rice cereal treats and covered her in fondant. I’m so glad I did! I think the “candles” would have been too heavy for cake, but the cereal treats supported them perfectly. Now that I know how great of a tool rice cereal treats are, I will be using them more often!20160610_132529.jpg

I don’t usually blog sheet cakes, but this is probably my favorite of all that I’ve made. Friends from church Heather and Becky wanted a cake to match their invitation to a baby shower for their sister/daughter. I basically traced the plane, clouds, dashed line and even the script straight off the invitation. It just so happened to make a great cake!20160619_203928.jpg

This cake actually went with the car cake I did a few weeks ago. The client gave me a photo to copy for the 30 shape, borders and string of pearls. Other than that, they simply wanted something feminine and pretty.20160416_074336.jpg

This is a chocolate groom’s cake I made with edible pinecones on top. I used modeling chocolate to form the general shape, then attached sliced almonds with more chocolate. They turned out pretty cool looking!20160619_204205.jpg

I adore the feminine, floral design on sheet cakes. I also love when the order just says “pretty with flowers.” I get to play a little more!


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  1. Amanda M. says:

    Great work!! I can see the leaps & bounds you’re making in cake world! Oh & the 30th birthday cake is just a year early 😉



    1. Thank you! Yes, it’s crazy to compare what I knew a year ago to now!


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