Moist, Grizzly… cake

I got a call not long ago from a client who wanted to surprise her husband with a unique birthday cake. She said he really likes Grizzly snuff and send me this photo as an example. I asked her for an empty can just to get a better look at everything and noticed the design was just a little different. A large part of the lid is the warning label, so I had the idea of being funny and changing the wording to “WARNING: This product is not a safe alternative to vegetables.”

To get the bear logo just right, I actually painted it! The word “Grizzly” and the bear on top are both silver on the can, so I spray painted them with Wilton spray color then hand pained the black details on the bear. I don’t consider myself a very good visual artist, so I was super thrilled that my bear looks like a bear! Then I used royal icing  to write words that were smaller print and/or didn’t need to be silver.

This was such a fun cake to make!

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