Tiny giraffe for a tiny baby

My sister-in-law Emily and her husband Bryant are expecting their first child this week!!! I’m going to be an aunt! Of course we had to celebrate, so my other sister-in-law, Sara and I threw an animal themed baby shower to coordinate with the nursery. Emily really liked giraffes because she and Bryant are so tall, so I decided to make a giraffe themed cake. (Also, I could not in good conscience make an elephant and still call myself a Tennessee fan.)

I don’t do modeling much, so I was jumping up and down when I finished and you could tell it was a giraffe! To make him, I literally Googled “fondant giraffe tutorial” for the basic structure and technique.

Emily’s had a bit of a sweet tooth, so we went with buttercream with a fondant bow and giraffe spots for a sweeter taste.

I’m so proud to be able to make this cake to celebrate the arrival of my nephew!



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  1. Sherry says:

    This cake was a delicious has it was adorable. We are so thankful to have Aunt Alex in our family.


    1. Thank you, Sherry! I’m excited to be “Aunt Alex!”


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