The Most Important Cake

I’ve made a lot of important cakes, wedding cakes, milestone birthday cakes, actually I think all of them are important. However, none of them compare to this one. That’s because it was for my son, Covington’s first birthday. I have never wanted a cake to be more perfect.

Covington loves the show “Puppy Dog Pals.” He also loves dogs making “Puppy Dog Pals” the perfect party theme. I really wanted to make a four tier cake representing Bingo, Rolly, Hissy and Arf, but my husband said I needed to reign it in. So, Bingo & Rolly made the cut. They were two layer tiers decorated in fondant icing.

For the smash cake, I wanted something coordinating, so I decided on a dog bowl. It was all buttercream so little fingers would have an easy time eating it.

This was a late nigh project, but it was all worth it when he looked at his cake and said “dog!!!” with a big smile! Mission accomplished.

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  1. Looks beautiful! Keep it up. ❤


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