Geometry Matters

Despite the fact that I like math and am pretty good at algebra and accounting, I am terrible at geometry. I think I actually made a D in Geometry I in high school. It was one of those classes that didn’t seem to have a practical life application. Turns out, I was wrong. There’s actually a lot of geometry in cake decorating.

My client sent me this photo as an idea. She liked the unique design with the rotated tier. Did I think to measure before I quoted a size? Nope. I just assumed I could rotate the top tier. It would be 2″ smaller as usual, so no problem. Well…..

The corners of the top tier were actually off the side of the bottom a little bit. I added some filigree to camouflage it, which worked perfectly. It also wasn’t a 90 degree rotation since it was too big. I was really upset about that till my husband pointed out that the cake in the photo wasn’t at 90 degrees either. Maybe they forgot to do the math too?

I may have cut it a bit close on this one, but I ended up being a great cake design and my client was happy! Congratulations on your graduation, Bryant!

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