Graduation Time!

We just finished graduation season which means we just finished graduation cake season! It’s always an honor to celebrate such a big milestone and so many years of hard work.

For this cake, my client wanted to celebrate Abigail & Andrew who graduated from two different schools. I did this custom design with their respective school colors and logos on opposite sides of the cake. I underestimated the difficulty of the cougar claws on Pulaski County’s logo, but I think it turned out looking great!

For this cake, my client didn’t give me a specific design, but wanted a graduation cake for Lauren. Decorator’s choice always fun! Lauren’s favorite color is red so I used red and black and based my design on a cute cake I found on Pinterest. I really like the font I copied on this one. (You may see it pop up on another cake!) She also liked the hot dog/dauchshaund cookies I did a few weeks ago, so she got round two of those!

This cake was based on a photo my client sent. It’s a simple design with piped borders on borders (and words over words for that matter.) To top off the cake, I added a fondant morter board hat.

Congratulations on your graduations Abigail, Andrew, Lauren and Ben!

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