A Super Special Groom’s Cake

If you’ve been reading my blog for a while, you’ll know that celebrating my sister Jen was the very first post. I made her a birthday cake the went a little awry, but accidentally turned out great. I’ve made her several special cakes in the past few years, but this one may be the most special. Well, actually, this one wasn’t so much for Jen as it was for my new brother-in-law Matt.

I overheard Matt’s mom at a shower saying she wanted a University of Tennessee theme cake for him, but wasn’t sure where to get it. I kinda butted in and volunteered (no pun intended.) I was so nervous the next few days– I wasn’t sure if she was going to choose me to make it. I wasn’t making the bridal cake from almost 400 miles away, but the groom’s cake could travel! I think I actually jumped up and down when she messaged me to say she wanted to place the order!

That day was beautiful. Start to finish. I was overwhelmingly honored to be a bridesmaid for my sister and make a special groom’s cake for my new brother-in-law. It still makes me smile to know that they allowed me to play a part in their day! I love you Matt & Jen!

Photos by Sara Grace Photography (She’s awesome. If you’re in middle TN, look her up!)

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  1. Jennifer says:

    ANDDD it tasted as amazing as it looked! It was perfect just like the rest of day! People raves about your cake!

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