Licensed Character Cakes

Licensed characters on cakes can be tricky. Obeying copyright laws is important! One great solution to making a cake with copy-written material is using a licensed edible image. The quality of the cake really depends on the use of the image. I’m a fan of subtle use and/or mounting the image on gumpaste or fondant. Mounting tends to help avoid the 90’s grocery store photo cake look.

For these cakes, my client requested a Catboy cake from P.J. Masks and a Skye cake from Paw Patrol. For Skye, I covered the top of the cake with the icing image letting her face taking up most of the space. I then I added Fancy Sprinkles to the side just like like this cake to make it even more girly. For Catboy, I thought it would be fun to make him 3D-ish. I iced the cake with different shades of blue to represent the night sky (as that’s the right time to fight crime) then applied his body straight to the side. His head was mounted to gumpaste and dried at a curve to match the cake shape.

I just got an edible printer last week, so I can make my own prints now! Wooo Hooo!!! However, if you’re looking for a print of something you don’t have the rights to, I recommend A Birthday Place. I’ll still be using them for my own licensed prints. The orders I’ve gotten from them are always quick to arrive, nice looking and priced fairly. Check ’em out!

Another great option for using written characters is using non-edible toppers. Small toys can work well, but there are also plenty of pre-made toppers. Decopac is a great source for these. That’s who made the crown and mirror on this Decendants cake.

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